Project Description

Partnering With Afterschool Providers

The Geeks Rule afterschool program was developed in partnership with Teachers College, Columbia University by a team led by Dr. Felicia Mensah, Associate Dean of Science Education. The “curriculum” is aligned to NGSS for middle school and provides fun, hands-on activities that take advantage of the urban environment to illustrate to our students that STEM exists all around them.

We provide enough content for two days of afterschool programming each week throughout the school year. Since our content is aligned to standards our school partners can use our materials during the day to support in-class learning at no additional charge.

Our middle school partners use their own STEM teachers to lead the afterschool sessions because of their familiarity with their students, curriculum and school culture. And, thanks to our many sponsors, Geeks Rule provides its programming to schools at no charge. 

Interested in partnering with Geeks Rule Afterschool Program in your facility to increase student enthusiasm and proficiency? Contact us for more information.

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