We Believe In Change

Our programs increase the participation of students from underserved schools in STEM education by addressing several of the key factors that limit such participation. These factors include:

  1. Fewer STEM qualified teachers
  2. Limited STEM resources
  3. Need for more hands-on, practical experience
  4. Fewer STEM role models
Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds.


TELLING students about STEM is the first step in generating interest. Geeks Rule creates Awareness by bringing in STEM professionals to speak in front of classes. The majority of these STEM professionals will be minority and/or women who serve as aspirational role models for these students. Speakers will lead students in hands-on STEM activities to increase excitement and interest.

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The second step in the process is SHOWING students what it is like to work in a STEM company. Students will enjoy a group excursion to visit a STEM-related facility to see how professionals in the same fields that feed our Speakers Series use their training. Students gain exposure to what a day in the life of a STEM professional is really like, helping them to visualize themselves working in the field.

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Students will develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the various STEM disciplines by DOING STEM through hands-on, problem-based learning activities. Geeks Rule will partner with afterschool providers (schools, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, PALs, etc) to set up an afterschool program on-site that focuses on a variety of STEM fields across the school year. Geeks Rule will provide the curriculum and daily activity plans, enough content to provide students with two days per week of afterschool programming.

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The Geeks Rule Biology Club, underwritten by athenahealth, enables those students interested in life sciences to dive deeper into the subject. The Biology Club presents biology through a social justice lens, an innovative approach that captivates middle school students and illustrates the relevance of science to their daily lives. The Biology Club is the first in what will be several clubs that will enable students who discover a passion from our cross-subject STEM afterschool program to then dive deeper into a particular subject.

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